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How To Reach Your Customers Online

Whether you're a local business with a store front (office,…
Does my business need a Facebook page?

Does your business REALLY need a Facebook page?

One of the toughest things about being a business owners is wearing…
How to Promote Your Event beyond your Friends

How to Promote Your Event Beyond Your Friends

Reaching Beyond your Friends – Getting Results for Online Event…
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The Ten Biggest Lies About Social Media and Your Business

In the world of social media, it is hard to navigate the best…
Content Strategy

Invest in Your Content Strategy

"Smart people invest in digital real estate, and the only…
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Emotion: Your #1 Digital Marketing Tool

How does your audience feel about your brand? What emotions…
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How Hashtags Influence Digital Marketing

For business owners or social media managers, developing…
google business listing optimization

Advice from a Traveling Marketer: Optimize your Google Business Listing!

Google Business Listing - Why it Matters Think your Google…

Social Media and Live Events

Social Media and Live Events Whether you are attending or creating…

Friends Don't Let Friends Use Wix

This is my face when you show me your website made in Wix. …

The Ole Social Media Russian Roulette: Website Design Tips

<rant> The Ole Social Media Russian Roulette: Website…

Stalk Yourself with Google

We’re not talking about your ex from high school (we promise,…
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Your Digital Assets: Domain Names

Over the years, I have met with hundreds of business owners.…

Relationships: Offline to Online

I grew up in a close-knit neighborhood with a grand total…