Facebook Advertising For My Business: Facebook Ads Manager

I’m back with the next blog in the Facebook Advertising For My Business series. In the first of the series I touched briefly on how Facebook Ads Manager was what beginner and intermediate advertisers should be using for advertising their business on Facebook.

In this blog you will:

(a) Get a review of the Facebook Ads Manager platform and how to setup your Facebook Ads account

(b) Learn how to create and manage Facebook ads using Facebook Ads Manager

(c) Gain insight of the types of Facebook Ads you could be using to promote your business


Setting up your Facebook Ads account requires a few steps, with the first being accessing Facebook Ads Manager for the first time. Login to Facebook and then go to facebook.com/ads/manageStep two requires adding a payment method to your account. Make sure to use a payment method you have easy access to and that doesn’t have an expiration date quickly approaching. To add a payment method go to facebook.com/ads/manage/billing and click the green “Add Payment Method” button. From the billing page you can also manage your billing threshold and see a billing summary for your account.

Facebook Ads Manager Billing Page

Step three is adding users to your ad account. This step is optional if you don’t care to give other people access to manage your ads. Why might you want to give access to other people? There might be staff members or friends who will help you create and manage Facebook Ads for your business, so you will want them to be able to access the Facebook Ads account without needing your personal Facebook login information. To add a user, click the Ads Manager menu (see below) at the top left corner of your screen. On the right hand side of the drop down menu, click “Ad Account Settings”.


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