Marketing for Young Adults

Is your primary market “young adults”? Maybe just looking to expand your online reach? Young adults ranging from 18-29 (sometimes to mid-30s) are a large possible audience for any business. The key to attracting this audience is involvement. .comFacebook's Reach Among Young Adults Graphic

The above graphic is the result of a polling of young adults from Harvard Institute of Politics. From the data, we see young adults can be reached out to in three major ways: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. These social media sites are all vastly different and offer unique ways to engage an audience. Here at Maximize, we strive to help drive companies to expand their online reach. It’s highly suggested to make more than just a business Facebook account, but engage on different mediums as well. The consistency of your message and visibility will go more noticed amongst a young adult market.


Don’t limit yourself to just those three, Maximize can help give you an overview of your social media marketing.

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Source: Statista.com

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Chrissanne Long

Chrissanne Long is an online community builder who is passionate about the city of Lakeland (Maximize’s headquarters) and helping companies utilize the Internet to positively impact their businesses through a combination of measurable goals, authenticity, strategic social media campaigns that focus on bringing value to the audience, collaboration and community service. Not only is she our CEO at Maximize, she is also the founder and co-creator of the Lakeland Business Leaders and Lakeland Connection.

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