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What is the lifetime value of your customer?  Do you know how much you are spending to acquire new customers? If you’re spending money on advertising, you are probably aware of things like “cost per lead,” and yet if you are not investing in your online presence, specifically, ranking your website for the keywords your target audience would be using when searching for your products or services, you’re probably missing out on a huge chunk of valuable real estate. Today’s consumer isn’t responding well to outbound marketing – cold calls, and in-your-face advertising aren’t as effective as they used to be. Today, 80% of consumers are searching online – from their tablets, smartphones and PCs – for what they want before they decide what they are going to buy.  Consumers are in the driver’s seat and if they cannot find you, they are going to buy from someone else.

SEO makes it possible for them to find you.  Our Search Engine Optimization services make it possible for your website to be found for your targeted keywords. We ensure that your on-page assets are optimized for those keywords and we create an ongoing content strategy that will bring valuable traffic to your website, and ultimately in your door. We don’t just track website visitors though.  A website visitor doesn’t matter to you, right?  Our SEO strategies will focus on targeted leads, phone calls and new customers.


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