Jessica Kircher Joins Maximize as Web Director

jessica-kircher-maximize-digitalFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Maximize Digital Media is pleased to announce its recent hire of Jessica Kircher, who will join the Maximize team as Web Director. In this role, Kircher will join the design team, providing graphic and website design for new and ongoing client projects.

“I was attracted by the company’s mission to help businesses build a stronger brand presence locally and beyond” Kircher said. “I share their belief that small business is the backbone of every community, and I love the idea of being able to help our clients strengthen their business, and their bottom line with websites that convert into leads and more sales.”

Kircher comes to Maximize with five years of experience working in graphic design, and brings a plethora of additional skills with her as well.

“Jessica’s fresh perspective and passionate approach to the design process is a breath of fresh air in the office,” CEO Chrissanne Long said. “She brings a new kind of energy to the team, and her desire to give back in the community in which she has grown up makes her a perfect fit for Maximize.”

Before working for Maximize, Kircher served as general manager, art director and trainer for California-based fusionZone Automotive. While working as a general manager, she developed skills through her hands-on experience with WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. She attained her Associate of Arts degree in Design and Multimedia in 2014 from Keiser University.

“The next best decision I needed to make for my career was to join a team that needed my cumulative skillset as much as I needed their support,” Kircher said. “My future with this company makes me smile.”

Kircher combines her recent experience in project management and graphic design with a background in print production, brand identity, and social media, bringing a lot of new opportunities to the Maximize team.


Maximize Digital Media is a provider of website design, digital marketing, and social media advertising services to a diverse list of businesses and organizations, including retailers, legal services, speakers, national chains and local, independently-owned businesses throughout the country. Their proven track record and commitment to excellence since 2009 has enabled them to serve over a thousand businesses and organizations to maximize their success online.

For more information about the company, please contact Olivia George at 863-606-5994, email info@maximizedigitalmedia, or visit the Maximize website at

15 Things Your Business Website May Be Lacking

As business professionals, you want your brand to stand out online. You want to communicate effectively what your business is, means, and stands for in a clear-cut, professional, and functioning website. You focus on all the details, but somehow things still slip through the cracks. What can you do to make your website better for your business and better for your customers?

That’s why we created this quick list on 15 quick fixes that can take your business website from so-so to tailored and complete.

  1. Make it responsive – make sure your customers can view the website on a laptop, smart phone, or tablet and that all elements are functioning on each device.
  2. Use clear descriptions – using a static page to describe who you are and what you do can quickly lock in an interested client.
  3. Use web-based colors – the web runs on RGB colors, meaning the color schemes are created from red, green, and black. Keep this in mind when designing for your website to correct for color issues.
  4. Keep a simple URL – no need to get too fancy. Try to stick to your businesses name as best as you can and use a .com for easier user access.
  5. Easy-to-navigate site map – make it easy for customers to browse your site by having a site map always in eyesight (even in scrolling designs).
  6. Up-to-date contact information – have a contact page easily accessible for your customers with correct business hours, emails, and phone numbers.
  7. Insert a contact us form – on your contact page, make it easy for customers to shoot you a quick question or response through a comment box.
  8. Add customer testimonials – if you have loyal fans, show them off. Ask repeat customers to write up a little bio about why they love working with you and add it to your website.
  9. Utilize calls to action (CTAs) – tell customers what you want them to do by accessing your site through clear language and the use of bright, highlighted buttons or text.
  10. Know your S.E.O. – optimize your search by including basic on page SEO elements for your website’s content.
  11. Fresh content – Keep things new and active by posting new content frequently through blog posts or social media feeds.
  12. Make it secure – ensure your blog is properly secured with SSL features to ensure customer protection and security.
  13. Keep design in mind – we already talked about color, responsiveness, and navigation. But keep in mind how your layout looks to customers. Keep your homepage and other pages clean of too much clutter. Only include relevant information on each page.
  14. Integrate your social media – make your buttons easy to find and easy to access. Users should be able to click on these and be redirected to like or follow your company on any of your social media platforms.
  15. Have a good web host – web hosting can make or break your website. Make sure to go with a trustworthy web hosting company that knows what they are doing to ensure your website will be up and running and functioning for customers at all times.

Want more information on how your business can improve its online presence through its website? Contact Maximize today for information on how we can help you maximize the benefits of a well designed website for your customers and prospects.